At Solace Care we focus on providing outstanding child and youth care. We believe in empowering children and young people through dedicated support, care and education.
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Therapy and Assessment

Children and young people living with Solace care are provided with a number of different approaches towards assessment and therapy services which include an array of discipline’s and avenues towards therapy some of which include art, music drama and play, systematic therapy, counselling and CBT.

Some of the young people and children being cared for in our Care homes have faced Painful and traumatic experiences in their lives. Repetitive experiences of loss and the dissolution of relationships often results in the emergence of mistrust...


The difficulties and issues faced by children and young persons can have adverse effects on their education and possibly result in partially impeded learning abilities. Education plays a crucial role in the life of a young person or child and serves as a catalyst for personal as well as professional growth. In strict collaboration with specialist education providers we have constructed an academic and creative curriculum designed to provoke a drive within the young persons or children to learn and overcome challenges.

Referral Services

A team comprised of education, health and social care professionals examine the referral information. The team performs all the due diligence required to assess whether or not our services are sufficient enough to meet the individual needs of a young person or a child and whether or not the child or young person appropriately matched to reside with the young people already living with us.

If it is possible, we aim to organize orientation visits to our residential homes, for the young persons and the associated adults prior to their placement. Furthermore, we seek to conduct a meetings with the concerned professionals and stakeholders to ensure the following ...

Residential Care

Solace care provides residential care homes that care for children and youth experiencing emotional, social and behavioral difficulties as well as mild to moderate learning problems. We work in close collaboration with specialists in the field of education, health and therapy to devise personalized care programs which can be adjusted to align with the needs of a young person.

our homes deliver a model of care centred around supportive and positive parenting and unconditional constructive regard, where relationships of mutual confidence will develop within a context of just, clear and socially appropriate boundaries. The Positive Behaviour Support Plan methodology that we implement across ...


Job Opportunities: A range of child and youth care roles

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Our Values

We respect and celebrate differences, believe in having honesty, acceptance and compassion as the foundations on which we build relationships.

Our work is always mindful of ethical boundaries and we work not only for the betterment for what benefits us, but also that which benefits the environment and our surroundings.

We continuously seek to grow, improve and innovate in pursuit of creating positive and new experiences.

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