About Us

About Solace Care Group

We are dedicated towards creating positive outcomes and changing young lives, this is what makes up the core of Solace Cares' values.
Children and young people deserve to grow older enveloped by a sense of safety and with the support of happiness. This is where we step in by creating a safe place for young people and children.

Solace care provides residential care homes for children and youth experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties (EBD) as well as mild to moderate learning disabilities. We work closely with specialist education providers, therapeutic professionals, and local authorities to identify strategies, learning methods and resources in order to deliver individualized person-based support plans. All in pursuit of helping children in conquering their struggles, building confidence and capitalising on significant life opportunities.

Care Arrangements

At Solace care we offer versatile short term, long term and transitional care arrangements that are designed to meet the individual needs of young people and children.

Our Values

We respect and celebrate differences, believe in having honesty, acceptance and compassion as the foundations on which we build relationships.

Our work is always mindful of ethical boundaries and we work not only for the betterment for what benefits us, but also that which benefits the environment and our surroundings.

We continuously seek to grow, improve and innovate in pursuit of creating positive and new experiences.