Education plays a crucial role in the life of a young person or child and catalyzes personal as well as professional growth. In support of our residential care homes, Solace care also provides specialist education at primary and secondary levels.

We retain a panel of specialist needs education teachers who can prepare and deliver individualised education plans for children with EBD and minor learning disabilities.

Working with Dfe registered schools to offer:

  • Specialised Education at primary & secondary levels.
  • Alternative curriculums and GCSE’s .
  • Differentiated Education Plans .
  • Nationally accredited Vocational courses and qualifications .
  • Greater Supervision and support .

Furthermore, we also work with a dedicated vocational centre to provide ks3 and ks4 student learning. These vocational centres offer several recognised rewards such as AQA, Asdan and City and Guilds qualifications.
Students in key stage 4 are offered the opportunity to work towards GCSE’s in Mathematics, English and Science.

Education Objectives

  • To deliver an effective and tailored curriculum to match every students' particular needs.
  • To administer a wide and well-balanced syllabus.
  • Delivering a nurturing and harmonious learning atmosphere.
  • Providing assessment opportunities.
  • To create an atmosphere in which equal opportunity is available to everyone.