Referral Services

Pre-coordinated / Planned Admissions

A team comprised of education, health, and social care professionals examine the referral information. The team performs all the due diligence required to assess whether or not our services are sufficient enough to meet the individual needs of a young person or a child and whether or not the child or young person would be appropriately matched to reside with the young people already living with us.

If it is possible, we aim to organize orientation visits to our residential homes, for the young persons and the associated adults prior to their placement. Furthermore, we seek to conduct meetings with concerned professionals and stakeholders to ensure the following:

  • Mutual recognition of the young person's health, safety, educational and emotional needs.
  • All the appropriate reports and documentation are declared.
  • All preliminary evaluations are in effect before the placement begins
  • A mutually decided transition strategy is established .
  • Any important external agency contributions can continue or be transitioned properly
  • Any preliminary risk evaluations are in effect before the placement begins

When a placement has begun, a placement preparation meeting will take place within the prescribed deadlines and an appropriate placement outline will be released in coordination with the assigned social worker.

We recognise the time constraints that placement officers frequently face and strive to make sure that our coordination is as effective as possible in the referral process while trying to prevent any needless hold-ups in the sharing of information or crucial decisions.

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Crisis Intervention / Referral

Although planned placements which include impact assessments and orientation visits are preferred, it is understood that care placements are often needed at short notice. Consequently, when the need arises and if our capacity allows, we do consider emergency referrals as long as the referral meets a certain criteria. We offer a 24/7 emergency referral service and attempt to make sure whether a placement can be provided after receiving the initial request.

Once an emergency referral is considered, we ask for more information to suitably match the referral with current residents. Upon agreeing to the placement, we intent to hold a placement meeting as soon as the child arrives at Home, to set up a placement plan with Social Worker and the Child.

Important: After hours emergency admissions can only be made via telephone, as emails are not constantly monitored during the weekends or evenings. Refer to the following contact numbers for out of hours service.